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Meltintalle's Closet
There is no bad weather, only bad clothes—Swedish proverb
NaNo2015: A retrospective 
3rd-Dec-2015 03:51 pm

Apparently, my November is not complete without a dash of sword-wielding heroes. A little before the middle of the month I had the vague concept of Superhero meets fantasy meets St. George and the Dragon! Well, actually, at first it was more just the first two and I was like, yeah, I'm a little busy right now but I kept thinking about it and when I had an inkling of how it ended I figured I should at least write down the basic shape. I ended up finishing on the 30th with just over 25,000 words (and I wasn't writing every day).

It's a sloppy mess (as in, all the backstory of most of the characters shows up in a chat in the last section while the principals are hanging out waiting for the main character to wake up after being put into a coma by the dragon...) but I feel like I know what I want to do with it, so either it's not too shabby or I'm still dazzled by its shiny-ness... (IT WILL BE FABULOUS. THE MAIN CHARACTER CAN READ MINDS AND PUT YOU UNDER COMPULSION. THIS SCARES HER. THE MAIDEN USES A CROSSBOW AGAINST THE DRAGON. THE PRINCE RIDES AN ELK. THE DAD IS NOT ACTUALLY DEAD, NOR DOES HE DIE AFTER A TOUCHING BUT TOO-BRIEF REUNION! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG???)

The interesting thing is that about the time I started writing there is a noticeable uptick in my output on my chosen project. The other interesting thing is how the end of the two stories mirror each other: they both feature cities under seige and what is intended as an epic rescue from evil forces that have everything going for them.

Also I found time to doodle an impression of the scene where the main character vows to protect the maiden and then my brother served as artistic director to make it a lovely shiny cover. (He wanted to know if I would call the next one "Shiny Attraction" which seems misleading since this is supposed to be a one-shot...)

...On the other hand my chosen project was supposed to be a slightly more dieselpunk manuscript:

Same old post NaNo report, same old let down of "It was supposed to be all shiny and ISN'T, alack alas."

I did a map and it was supposed to help with the worldbuilding. Maybe it did? I ended up using the lake as a last-minute addition which could be improved with editing...

I tackled an ambitious not-really-an-allegory-but-sort-of thing and I think it veers too far into the not-really-an-allegory territory. (The garden might have been a good idea that has actual importance to character growth but I think I talked about it too much so it's not subtle.) But that's what NaNo is for, sort of, trying new things and challenging yourself.

Charecterization: I think the heroine is currently very boring. Sorry, Esther, your problems didn't worry you enough??? You just float along like, eh, whatever. Barnabas lost his encouraging vibe soon after his introduction. :( Candace and her brother are probably okay. Morgan isn't nearly grumpy enough. SAUL HAS NO GOOD LINES WHATSOEVER??? (And he should read a bit like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and doesn't...)

In short, I have no idea what I was doing or if I succeeded because I haven't actually read most of it since I wrote it down and I'm stuffing it in a drawer in hopes that when I pull it out again it will be more like what I thought I was going to write when I started and not what I think I actually wrote...
7th-Dec-2015 12:32 am (UTC)

BUT SHINY DISTRACTION!!! :D It sounds cool! :D And congrats on pulling off 25K of it PLUS the full 50K at least for the main project! *waves pom-poms enthusiastically* (AND WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG, INDEED? YOU COULD DO A SEQUEL AND KILL PEOPLE OFF OR TIME-TRAVEL THEM. ;) *hugs*) And it is a shiny cover. ;))

*hugs* I'm sorry that your main project was a let down. :( I definitely think it has merit and potential, so I hope it looks better whenever you pull it back out again. *hugs*
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