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Meltintalle's Closet
There is no bad weather, only bad clothes—Swedish proverb
Sparkly Things 
25th-Jul-2017 07:55 pm(no subject)
It seems like every county fair finds me sewing a new shirt for someone...

This year the project was a 1790s style woman's shift, petticoat, and short gown.

links consulted:07-17 rendezvous.jpg

measurements to remember:


  • sleeves are 16" wide x  however much was left after taking a body of 20" wide from the piece of fabric (could possibly go down to 15" ? )

  • gussets were cut 4.5" x4.5" from the circle taken out of the neck opening and hemed are approx. 3" x  3" (try flat-felling edges after insertion???)


  • waist was pleated down to approx. 19" on both sides (44" fabric, selvadge used for side seams)

  • 3.5" hem depth

  • super happy with how this turned out!

short gown:

  • went with 17" wide for the sleeve

  • 8" to side seam

  • 8" x 2" neck opening, cut on shoulder fold; added 2" depth to front after tring it on

  • winged the side seam curve; looks okay? we'll see how it wears

  • reminds me a lot of the patterns for viking coats, could be the length of the skirt on the gown

27th-Dec-2016 01:41 pm - 2016 Year End Statistics
* I'd like to have at least four completed drafts next year; focus on the in-progress!
* At least two more short stories
* Share something complete with a wider audience

* 12 projects

* at least one drawing a month
* finish 'G is for Gullible' since it's at least 1/2 done XD
* do three new paintings

* find a way to quantify this goal because 'be better at playing' is not measurable
* improve improv skills?
* be able to play in sharps again *grumble grumble* (it's cool to flip flop to flats (and vice versa) but not cool to do so to the exclusion of the key in which the hymn is written)
* learn a new piano piece
25th-Nov-2016 10:29 am - NaNo2016: Word of the Day 25-30
Nov. 25  wordcount: 40,121
Merriam Webster word of the day: genteel

adjective: 1 a: of or relating to the gentry or upper classCollapse )

Nov. 26  wordcount: 41,504
Merriam Webster word of the day: wistful

adjective: 2 : musingly sad : pensiveCollapse )

Nov. 27  wordcount: 43,826
Merriam Webster word of the day: dynasty

noun: 1: a succession of rulers of the same line of descentCollapse )

Nov. 28  wordcount: 45,012
Merriam Webster word of the day: vicissitude

noun: 2b : a difficulty or hardship usually beyond one's controlCollapse )

Nov. 29  wordcount: 48,117
Merriam Webster word of the day: cabbage

verb: steal, filchCollapse )

Nov. 30  wordcount: 50,026
Merriam Webster word of the day: soporific

adjective: 1 a : causing or tending to cause sleepCollapse )

Aaaaaaaand done! *tosses manuscript in the drawer* It can come out when its closer to what I was imagining when I started.
1st-Nov-2016 10:22 am - NaNo2016: Word of the Day 1-6
Nov. 1  wordcount: 1702
Merriam Webster word of the day: gravid

adjective: 1: pregnantCollapse )

Nov. 2  wordcount: 2832
Merriam Webster word of the day: temerarious

adjective: marked by temerity : rashly or presumptuously daringCollapse )

Nov. 3  wordcount: 5152
Merriam Webster word of the day: echelon

noun: 2b: a group of individuals at a particular level or grade in an organizationCollapse )

Nov. 4  wordcount: 6239
Merriam Webster word of the day: dicker

verb: to bargainCollapse )

Nov. 5  wordcount: 7716
Merriam Webster word of the day: cavalcade

noun: 1a: a procession of riders or carriagesCollapse )

Nov. 6  wordcount: 9752
Merriam Webster word of the day: mollify

verb: 1: to soothe in temper or disposition : appeaseCollapse )
30th-Oct-2016 04:44 pm - NaNo2016: An anticipation
Flying Horse
by Meltintalle
NaNoWriMo 2016

As long as flying horses have called Kalivi Mountain home there has been an Auberg to watch over them. But Klara and Karl are the last of the Aubergs and too young to stay on Kalivi on their own. Uncle Alaric insists they come stay with him in Delchin, but there the king wants the flying horses for his war. Can Klara protect the herd that trusted her and save her family legacy?

first proposed here
(it hasn't changed much; I've just added a subplot stolen from Hans Christian Anderson's The Tinderbox, a family on a boat that I think I stole from The Deerslayer, decided that my undead (not-dead? time-travelling?) folk hero and heroine get to make cameo appearances, and I'm trying to figure out how to work a Toad-escaping-from-gaol Wind in the Willows reference into the boat sequence... basically, it's a mess but on the bright side I have a detailed outline for the first two-thirds of the story and an expectation of how the ending will go down. Whether the ending is SATISFYING, however... XD)
16th-Jul-2016 01:30 pm - Leatherworking #1

I saw the idea on Pinterest and went, "Oh, I know someone who might have the tools to accomplish this..."

Turns out my sisters are awesome and have the comparable stamp sets and one was willing to walk me through the process. I couldn't set the smaller type in straight lines, but it's more than adequate as a first attempt.

It took about two and a half hours to complete, though the sealer will have to dry for a whole day.
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