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2016 Year End Statistics 
27th-Dec-2016 01:41 pm
* I'd like to have at least four completed drafts next year; focus on the in-progress!
* At least two more short stories
* Share something complete with a wider audience

* 12 projects

* at least one drawing a month
* finish 'G is for Gullible' since it's at least 1/2 done XD
* do three new paintings

* find a way to quantify this goal because 'be better at playing' is not measurable
* improve improv skills?
* be able to play in sharps again *grumble grumble* (it's cool to flip flop to flats (and vice versa) but not cool to do so to the exclusion of the key in which the hymn is written)
* learn a new piano piece
29th-Dec-2016 02:36 am (UTC)
Impressive goals for next year*! Hope they go well! :)

I know I know what "G is for Gullible" is, but I can't quite place it. :">

(No reading goals, though? ;)) )

*I should set goals but...don't think I'd be able to hit any of them, or really feel like I should if I can't hit my major goal for the past three years running. :/
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